Hi, Im Nicola and Im a freelance Illustrator and portrait artist based in Manchester in the UK. I graduated in 2008 from Liverpool John Moores, In Graphic Arts. I love to draw little girls and boys with rosy cheeks and red lips, tank tops and cute dresses. I want to create a world that is loving and beautiful, were it’s ok for bears to wear black boots and eat cake.

My style is delicate and a little strange in parts, I want people to smile when they see my drawing’s. I am inspired by colour, pattern and texture and want to incorporate this into my work.

I have a passion for drawing. I have always loved to draw people and animals, whether it be taking part in life drawing classes and studying the human form, or sketching out and about, and adding detail later. I love to draw in pencil, especially my portraits.

I love creating my characters and portraits.

Welcome to my site. Hope you enjoy…